Silent Evolution project

A project for Global Change

In a world full of injustices and inequalities, dipped in a politic, economic and social system based on profit where billions of people are used to advantage of few, where our planet is under the same sad treatment over years: air and water pollution, dangerous nuclear power plants, dumping grounds and incinerators, deforestation, oil war...

We keep closed our eyes because we are not able to stand with these human and environmentally devastation's view. We would like that our ethics principles were the undoubtable base of a new different way of life. We would like a real change... But how?

How we can change a rotten system like the one where we are living in, so powerful and well-established in all humans minds in the world? We consider ourselves so powerless in front of a such monster that often breaks us down and we think to being unable to do nothing. But it is not true. Without realizing it, we have a great power in our hands. WE ARE THE ONES THAT ARE KEEPING ALIVE THE SYSTEM EVERY DAY AND WE CAN CHANGE IT ONLY IF WE CHANGE OURSELVES AND OUR ACTIONS, because every single action or choice will be implacably reflected over it.

Nature's laws say that anyone who does not evolve is condemned to death, it is the most important law and it is applying from million years ago. For this reason, it is time for every man to wide his awareness level. We must be again the owner both of our lives that we have slowly sold to the system and of our time unnecessarily spending in the frenetic day-to-day life. We must also regain the relationship with our world and with whom is close to us. We must do that both in our thoughts and in practise, every day with no doubts at all.

Finally, the world will wake up for beginning a new life from scratch. A new mindfulness is spreading out to people and countries. It is the consciousness of the change, feels as necessary and unstoppable. A historic process that cannot be stopped because the Nature itself is asking for it as a normal evolution process of the species. But as always happen it is necessary a greater effort by whom are more virtuous in order to be a stimulus for the entire collectivity.

Silent Evolution is a project born on these considerations. It has the goal to start a personal and social change based on solidarity, respect each other and sustainability in order to get a true new ethic world. No flags of any kind to claim an idea or that are trying to restore an archived past. We are not interested to containers but rather to the content.

We are just simple inhabitants of this world, all together driven by a wish of real change that we want to actively accomplishing, starting from the simplest things to arrive to the more important choices.


In order to disseminate as much as possible the project and its content we need translators for English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German... There is much work to do!

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